Digital artist Annica Klingspor

No, it’s a banana. Sometimes a woman just wants to sit naked and eat her damn banana in peace. It’s a bloody fruit and a great snack for those hangry moments.

Annica Klingspor is a digital artist and motion graphics designer living and working in Malmö Sweden. For Annica, digital art is a form of meditation and her portraits are comments on everyday life and the inner and outer world around her.

Meanwhile on the inside. Trying to stay composed and rational while your inner self is terrified, overwhelmed, just wants to scream, make ugly faces or run away as far as possible.

“My art is an extension of how I see and handle life. I’m trying hard to allow myself to feel and instead of repressing and hiding I try to acknowledge why certain feelings surface and use humor to cope with the big and small obstacles in everyday life. I think It’s ok to sometimes have a complete meltdown, as long as you do your best to pick yourself up and try again. I believe trying to see the amusing, while not neglecting or repressing the hard parts makes life easier and a lot more fun. My portraits help me visualize those feelings, no matter if they are overwhelming lifechanging ones or minor silly annoyances.”

Yellow carnations. This one started as a study but soon took on a life of its own. Yellow carnations are one of few flowers with negative meaning and stand for rejection and disappointment. I think we’ve all been there. Trying our best, pouring our hearts out, only to receive a pretty bouquet of hidden rejection.

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