Digital artist Barry Tobin

'A vision of Ice and Fire'

Barry Tobin is primarily a digital media artist with an affiliation for illustration. His work is an exploration of color, shape and abstract forms. His work is primarily inspired by Geometrical abstraction using line and shape to create abstract forms. He applies this style across a range of digital outlets including digital painting, packaging design and product design.

'The Kite Runner'

“I have always had a passion for digital media. I was educated in the Limerick School of Art and Design where I graduated with a degree in Visual Communications. It was here that I discovered my affiliation for digital art. I have always been inspired by geometrical abstraction, which is a style that influences all of my content creation including digital painting, packaging design and product design. I find myself drawn to structured imagery, visuals that are crafted with careful consideration to the structural integrity of the piece. I like my designs to contain shapes and forms that are both pointed and angled, everything in its right place. I want the viewer to get an impression of sustainability, unwavering foundations and dependability. Visual abstraction grants the viewer an opportunity to project his or her own interpretation; there is no right or wrong, only feeling. As an artist, I aim to project feelings of euphoria, emotional plasticity and contentment”

'Reflection of Diamonds'

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