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Jean Reno

I am French, I live near Paris where I work for the daily press and magazine. I started as a kid, I did an art school with a traditional education, shortly before the start of the advent of computers. We learned to work by hand, in pain.  At the beginning, it was academic, and it was by discovering acrylic painting that I got to a hyperrealistic approach.

My work is mainly portraits, I do digital painting. It is a personal work made from existing photos.  I'm a very bad photographer, so I use other people's photos.  Before, I drew the first images I found on the internet, today it's more the emotion or the attitude of the actor that will touch me, and makes me want to go a little further than the support  photo that serves as a reference.

My goal is to go to the end of a drawing, because in my first works I found that I did not go far enough.  It is more a personal objective to have a three-dimensional and living image, to have an image that seems frozen but which is about to come alive, as soon as we say to ourselves: "Well, he has a  certain look, he may smile.  This is the moment of life that I want to render, even if it is not the hyperrealism that we know since my features are sometimes irregular, far from perfection, and from afar it gives something more alive. My approach is almost like sculpture, it is giving relief.

Eva Green

In a photo, you don't necessarily have the desired texture. You have to know how to interpret it.  If you approach one of my works, you see the drawing, you see that it is not a photograph.  Insofar as it is a portrait, we try to convey the personality we have in front of us, we fantasize it, we seek sensitivity, it is an intimate relationship that is created.

I like Pop culture, that's what I am, it's a bit like an extension of pop art.  It’s my culture around cinema and comics. I’ve done a lot of political portraits for the press, but I take more pleasure in drawing actors. I draw for myself, it's a lot of hours of work, but I do it with pleasure and pleasure and the desire to progress are the engines of this work.

Mike Ehrmantraut

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