Digital artist Irie Wata

‘You can stand under my umbrella’ This piece is actually one of my favourites because it shows two very realistic images, but combined together it breathes surrealism. I liked the idea of a vintage holiday image because when you use your mind and imagination, you could travel to any place.

I’m Irie Wata, a digital collage artist from Haarlem - The Netherlands. In 2017 I started combining vintage and cosmic photography in Photoshop to create new, surreal worlds.

‘Cosmic games’ Sometimes my art is not being born from an idea and then searching for visuals, sometimes it’s bumping into a photo and doing something fun with it. ‘Cosmic games’ is one of them. I found this retro picture of people playing pool and decided to take it outer space. The background image is actually a famous picture by NASA called ‘Earthrise’.

By creating these artworks I am offering people a brief, spiritual escape from reality - showing that imagination is key. The motto I go by also is “Anything you can imagine is real”.

‘Open your eye’ ‘Open your eye’ is an artwork based on astrology, a subject that I find very interesting. Here we see a normal day in the lives of Americans in the 1950s, while being looked after by an zodiac circle. Opening your eye also refers to your third eye instead of the two eyes to look with, so listening more to your inner self.

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