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Digital artist IzzyBLL

My name is Israel Benloulou but I became known as IzzyBLL on social media.

I am a digital artist, I take photography to a new level with software such as Photoshop and other similar photo manipulation software where I take my imagination and add life to it which turns into a concept of digital art or better known as Visual art. Editing has always been a second nature for me as I have always been into drawing but since I could remember I've always looked for another step to take from where I already was.

This turns from sketches to digital sketches to final concepts that are done sharply and properly within software like Photoshop, sometimes even software such as Blender or Cinema4d where a 3d render or even a tiny detailed concept needs to be created to complete the imagined final concept.

It is the art of looking at a view or photograph and seeing what nobody else see's, letting your imagination run free as if this is your imagination's playground. and turning that into a visual image and sharing it with others is always rewarding, seeing your imagination come to life and of course a step above that is having your imagination come to a physical form in prints.

There is no limitations to what I do, there is simply an endless and unexplored world of possibilities that become images at the end of the day.

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