Digital artist Jack Rothwell

ROBOTNIK: This piece is the final part of my 'SONIC THE HEDGEHOG' series which you can see all of on my website. I wanted to give him a classic 16bit videogame 'boss' look, but with an illustrative level of detail.

I'm a self-taught artist living in Brighton, UK. I mainly work in digital 3D but am making more and more work with code and software I've created myself. Lots to explore. When I'm not at a computer I enjoy drinking tea and spending time with my cat - also, learning more and more about programming and digital graphics. I also have a VR experience coming out early next year.

JOY DIVIDER: this piece uses a graphics chip langauge 'GLSL' to create a set of shaded rectangles mimicking the light and shadow of a 3d object or apparatus. The name is purely because the result of the code resembles the band 'JOY DIVISION's album cover for 'UNKNOWN PLEASURES' with it's artistic features inverted. Square instead of fluid, shaded instead of line-art. It was a happy accident.

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