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Digital artist Katharina Postinett

Schneehase, 2017, digital

My name is Katharina and I am from Germany. In 2012 I bought my first graphic tablet because I was fascinated by the artworks I had been seeing in computer games and by Chinese digital artists such as Ruan Jia. As an artist I have always found myself in a space in between digital and traditional creative influences. One of my earliest influences was Gustav Klimt and lately I have felt a deep fascination for Yoshitaka Amano.

Waiting for Godot
Waiting for Godot, 2020, digital

There is often a subtle sad, pensive or distant feel to my artworks because they are mainly a way for myself to cope with my personal physical and/or mental condition. Nevertheless, I also love to use bold colors! I never tried to fit into a certain art 'direction' like sci-fi or fantasy, but always reserved myself a certain abstract liberty for whatever I create. I love to draw linearts and quick sketches as well as rendering very elaborate skin and fabric textures. The dress in my artwork Waiting for Godot is inspired by the 'Lilly Gown' from 1896 and my personal feeling of constant restlessness.

Abbildung1: 'Cinder', 2021, digital
Abbildung1: 'Cinder', 2021, digital

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