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Digital artist Levan Amashukeli

Updated: Apr 9

Digital artist Levan Amashukeli

"I'm Levan Amashukeli aka Zmudart, Georgian artist, mainly working in Digital Art, Digital Collage and Neonaive Art. My works represent memory shadows - persons, images, emotions, which are strongly anchored in my imagination. This work shows my emotional state of art regarding my environment, very fragmented, chaotic, overwhelmed with information and colors, but at the same time ironic. " - Levan Amashukeli

Description of the artwork "Black Jesus, White Moses, Black Meri" is one of the oldest artworks I have produced (2010). It's about the male scientist who turned into a woman artist's model for drawing. While he was scientist he participated in experiment with 

The Large Hadron Collider, the experiment went wrong and unexpected happened. 


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