Digital artist Mishel Bardhi


My name is Mishel Bardhi and I am a digital artist from Albania. I started my long journey in art ever since I was a child when i would make small sketches. As time passed, I kept on practicing until I managed to create my own style, which is a bit dark and very detailed (but not hyper realistic).

As you might have understood by now, I am a self taught artist. I never went to a school dedicated to arts and even in university, I chose a totally different path: Computer Science. I did however, realised that that wasn't what I wanted and that I simply couldn't survive without doing art, so I head jumped into digital art. The reason behind that it's very difficult to pursue a career as a fine artist in my country.

Unrequited love

At first I started with simple illustrations and then I created more complex pieces. My biggest project so far is the one called Sentiments (or feelings) where I will be depicting all human's emotions and feelings. In this long series it will be horned people who will represent the emotions. I chose horns because they symbolize strength, aggressiveness and I really like the idea of combining tender feelings with the stoicism of the horns (horns themselves are in my opinion very aesthetic).


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