Digital artist Oloriel Moonshadow

"Things" is an artwork aiming to represent the contrast of human emotions that we often experience; the ability to simultaneously feel both good, and bad emotions.

I am a 28 year old digital artist from Belgrade, Serbia. I am a self- taught artist, both in the media of photography and digital art.

"Starcaller" This artowrk, whilst creating it, spoke to me of femininity and delicacy that we often attribute to celestial things yet I, as a woman, often feel in my mundane life, but have found no other media better than Art to express through.

I have always liked the two and sought to combine them into artistic results, which has over the years became my most usual form of expression. Besides art, I also regularly write poetry.

"Bloodmage" is a mixed media artwork, using tehniques of texture, light and collage to evoke a fantasy theme in a seemingly ordinary setting.

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