Digital artist Paolo Grippa


Paolo (Slim) lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. He studied graphic design and worked in the advertising industry as an art director before turning to directing television commercials. He dedicates time to his art in the hours between his erratic work schedule.

Paolo’s works vacillate between the digital format (Photoshop) and more traditional mediums. His explorations with oil paint and charcoal informs his fascination of rendering traditional techniques within the digital realm.


Paolo has always been drawn to the figurative works of The Old Masters, due to the fact that his father was born and raised in the town of Caravaggio, Italy. His works utilise the figure and portrait as a narrative vehicle to capture evocative allegories that strive to elicit some emotion from the viewer.

Paolo seeks to create tension through the juxtaposition of contradicting ideas and emotions. His process has become therapeutic to understanding and investigating his own psyche and, inevitably, the characters he depicts become psychological self-portraits. This continual challenge of self-discovery and experimentation with mediums is what drives him artistically.


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