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Digital Artist Thomas Elderman

"Hello, I am Thomas Elderman and I make mostly fantasy artwork with a focus on narrative. I use Corel Painter for all my recent work, embracing brushwork and rich colours. My ultimate career goal is getting to do the cover art for a Dungeons and Dragons' player's handbook".

This is actually going to be the logo for an indie game business my friend and I are about to set up. It's common in fantasy settings for gnomes to be tinkerers, making clockwork items. I thought, why not take it a bit further? The age of the gnome has come, and the elves are gonna learn the hard way that bows are for hippies.
A Little Mischief

Dwarves are cool. They're all about ale, axes, and the pent-up rage of being bad-ass but also under 5 foot 5 inches. Thankfully I can't fully relate to their plight, but I am sympathetic nonetheless. Manlets rise up!

Horses are hard. People are hard. People riding horses are harder. There's something about cowboys that does not sit right with me. I'm sure they're supposed to be some low fantasy subgenre but the fact that they were real weirds me out. that and pirates, they shouldn't have existed, but they did, and I'm scared.

More info:

Instagram: @thomaseldermanillustration


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