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Digital artist Victoria Goodman

Born in Los Angeles, California, I am a completely self-taught artist who now calls Austin, Texas my home. I first became interested in the world of 3D art and content creation a little over ten years ago. At the time, I already had a strong background in Photoshop but immediately saw the potential in the ways 3D programs could add to my art. It quickly turned into a mild obsession for me, which eventually led me to my day job working as a freelance 3D content creator and digital artist.

As far as my artistic vision is concerned, I believe there are two sides to everyone: the "real" person that resides deep down inside of each of us, and the "mask" we wear for the rest of the world to see. Many live their lives afraid to explore that inner self, a side born out of pain, suffering and disappointment. Fear of getting lost in it and losing control over it keep the darkness suppressed and ignored. With my art, I want to bring that darkness to light. I use my experience in B&W photography and theatrical lighting to create dramatic atmospheres that play with shadows and light to illustrate the dichotomy that exists in each of us.

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