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Bauhaus: With it being 100 years of Bauhaus I wanted to encapsulate this with a design. I stretched the letters downwards to represent the illustrious heritage the iconic movement has and I used the colours to give the piece a zingy pop. I think it worked well and it's one of my favourite pieces i've designed this year so far.

Hi, i'm Bryan Dowley, or just Dowly online. I know instantly you're thinking "why does one name have the e in it whilst the other doesn't?". Very good question, i'd love to have a big fable but in reality it's simply because Dowley was already taken as a web address. Bit anticlimactic i know, it would be cool if i'd fought someone in a gang war or something and earned the right to take the name.

Nike: I really enjoy experimenting with already established brands. I chose Nike for this design as I am personally a big fan of the brand and I had the idea of using the swoosh to represent motion. I think that the design came out great and achieved what I wanted to. Again the photo in the background is from Pexels. Great website, and I made the image blue and black as i wanted the swooshes to stand out more.

I'm based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Which is essentially just the derelict wasteland placed between Manchester and London in England. Nothing much ever happens we just make mugs really. 

I'm a digital designer with a fondness for typography and bright, vivid colours. I hope you enjoy some of my work and if you'd like to see more of the same I post daily poster designs on my instagram account. Enjoy!

Cloakroom: I really like gig posters and I have this on running mini series where I essentially make up an event name and then work from their. This one is entitled cloakroom as it was the first thing that came to mind when i was pondering on what to call the design. I thought the fragmented effect would work well and also was similar to the gentlemen's trousers in the photo. I don't actually know him, it was simply a free use photo i had found online. Shout out to Pexels.

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