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Director Mihaela Cristina Istrate

Mihaela Cristina Istrate is an emerging director, producer and music composer - she grew up in Florida and graduated from University of British Columbia in Theatre & Film Production. In 2010, she composed music for a documentary titled Kosovo: Can You Imagine, which won a Silver Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival.

Her musical compositions have also been featured in over 20 theatrical shows and received high acclaim in The Vancouver Sun for Gormenghast - directed by Stephen Malloy. Her first short film "No Good Deed" was selected and screened at Overcome Film Festival on October 2017 and received a Recognition in Filmmaking Achievement. No Good Deed is also being considered for 6 film festivals in the U.S including California Indie Film Festival. Her second short film "Recon" is currently being considered in 9 festivals in the U.S including San Francisco International Film Festival. 

Mihaela enjoys working on movie sets and her approach is to always challenge yourself, have fun and work as a team and improvise as much as possible while doing it because that’s when great ideas get made.

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