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Emma Buntrock-Müller. AKA. Emma of the Impact

Emma Buntrock-Muller is a board member of a small stamp dealing company. This position allows her the salary and time flexibility to work on her art. The purpose of her art has always been to fulfill a healthy selfishness. Emma considers herself a storyteller before she considers herself an artist, and she considers herself an artist before she considers herself specifically a photographer. 

"When someone looks at an image of mine do I want them to see through the eyes of a 3rd person participant? A voyeur? Are they in fact the subject of the image by viewing it? Are they seeing something they shouldn't? Are they finding a peaceful harmony or companionable darkness? That's what's important to me. I must confess I like to define myself as a storyteller more than as a photographer." - Read our interview with Emma Buntrock-Muller in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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