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This shot is taken from 'Girls just wanna have found$' wich was the second shooting I did in my life. Through this work I wanted to express the loss of values of my society. I was inspired by a pic of a 70's Fiorucci campaign about denim jeans so I decided to mantain the location but using a contemporary style (makeup, hairstyling and outfit) to see how the figure of the woman changed through theese years.

Hi, I'm Chiara Glionna, self-taught fashion photographer from Milan. I love working as a photographer in fashion  because I have a lot of things to say and I understood that through fashion, which is also my passion, I could try to sensitize society to freedom because I think that social media ruined our lives and we have to stop being controlled by the fake beauty standards we see everyday there. So, I'm using my art to change that.

In this pic I tried to transform this beautiful young girl in a butterfly through the volume of her shirt. I used black and white because I wanted to channel the attention of the viewer on the composition of the body and the outfit.

My aesthetic is based on a state of melancholy that is what i see in my generation. Loving our self is the most rebellious act we can do today and I have always been a rebel! 

This pic that I entitled 'Princesa' wants to describe a contemporary Princess lost in her dress. I used flowers because I have a personal attatchment to them, they express vitality but also melancholy that I think are my main characteristics.

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