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Female vocal group Mironosice Subotica

Female vocal group Mironosice Subotica singing a Capella composition, mostly by classic, spiritual and modern composers and choir arrangement. Some of the arrangement wrote by conductor Ivana Vucelja or Dusica Vucelja, opera soprano and music pedagogist.

Members of this female group are reguarly taking care for sick children with special needs in elementary and secondary school, for children with special needs in Subotica as a part of their social responsibility activities.

The group is also active in organizing humanitarian music events in Subotica, multicultural town in North Serbia, to raise money, clothes or food for ill people from Subotica. All of these activities you can follow on @mironosicesu FB page. 

The group collaborates with other cultural and humanitarian groups.. For instance, they have true friendship with Humanitarian associates Den Helige Savas Barnfond in Helsingborg, Sweden. Mironosice girls and woman are open to any similar collaboration to help the poor in the Balkan, Europe.

Singing in choir is healthy for heart - and singing in Vocal Group Mironosice is healthy for soul, these girls said. 

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