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Figurative painter Ellen Starr Lyon

Updated: Jan 11

Ellen Starr Lyon

Ellen is a figurative painter focusing on modern portraiture that revolves around feminism, motherhood and coming of age. Her painting style incorporates a colorful palette and multiple thin, luminous layers with nod to realism but also the search for something more.

Ellen Starr Lyon

She is a current member of PoetsArtists, Portrait Society of America, American Women Artists, Hoosier Salon, and Indiana Artists. Ms. Lyon has shown at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, OH, Abend Gallery in Denver, CO, WMOCA in Wausau, WI, Woman Made Gallery and 33 Contemporary in Chicago, IL and several online exclusives on Artsy through 33 Contemporary Gallery. She has been published in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine highlighting artist self-portraits.

Ellen Starr Lyon


As a mother, I am overwhelmed by the intensity of the teenage years. Most often I am kept at arm’s length, and can offer only support – at best helpful, but often left feeling helpless. Painting my teens is a way for me to process this experience and document these emotionally charged but fleeting years. With that comes the need to explore and portray my experience of being woman/wife/mother. My roles are ever changing, and I use self-portraiture to reflect that. This was painted at the beginning of the pandemic as a touch stone to carefree memories. Working on this and other series of self-portraits has focused me on deep work while also working full-time outside the home and parenting children through an ongoing global crisis.

Ellen Starr Lyon

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