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Fine arts entrepreneur Ashley Terrell

Ashley Terrell is a fine arts entrepreneur and Amazon best selling author. Owner of Stella Bistro Foods and BSC & Co.

"I wrote my memoir, The Black Sheep Shadow, because people should be understood. We share the same feelings, yet to what degree? The Black Sheep Shadow was a writing piece that's needed for mental, spiritual and emotional growth. Knowing how far you come breeds determination and courage. Determination and courage is diluted because people don't feel it's needed to become a better person [for ourselves]. I don't believe those characteristics are spoken on too much anymore because negativity sells in the media. I have a testimony of the glory of God! Your hardships and perseverance can be someone else's breakthrough. I wanted my memoir, The Black Sheep Shadow, to show my determination to find my purpose and the courage to tell my audience our journeys are worth every step in becoming greater. " - Read our interview with Ashley Terrell in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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