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Freelance painter Stephanie Willis-Folkes

Updated: Apr 16

Freelance painter Stephanie Willis-Folkes

"I’m a freelance painter currently studying a master's in fine art. I’ve always had a huge interest in art and design from a very young age and would love the opportunity to share my love and passion for the arts. While studying my degree I felt that I had matured as an artist having found a purpose or a subject that my art would focus on. 

My art is mostly centered on political conditions, self-love and self-expression where I get to explore and develop my craft using various medias such as acrylic mediums, screen printing and other mixed media materials. As of recent by working out of my comfort zone to see if I can challenge the way in which I develop my craft, I’ve managed to produce several prints allowing me to push the boundaries with several sketches." - Stephanie Willis-Folkes

‘Self-Love’ A3 mixed media sheet

Self-love is a mixed media sketch from my natural hair series, which is meant to uplift and encourage black women of different shapes,shades and sizes. Down to the texture of their hair, self-love is about truly knowing oneself and being able to experience and identify one's beauty.

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