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Fridelina ft. Royzy Rothschild - Anything

Hope you guys are well its Royzy, I have just featured on a new song its called Anything by Fridelina a Swedish popstar.

Fridelina is a Swedish singer and songwriter, composer and also producer. She grew up on an island in the Stockholm archipelago. Currently lives in a town north of Stockholm.

As a child, she began to compose music on various instruments found in the home. Her dream was to become a composer. At age four, she discovered that she could sing. The family did not have much money and she wanted a piano. When she was twenty, she bought herself a synth. Then she bought a studio package. Then she started to record her own songs. She got in touch with a studio in Stockholm, where the songs are recorded.

Fridelina has made some live performances around Sweden and had a big show in his home town. She has made some collaborations with other artists and rappers, e.g Diego Valdez, High M, and Royzy Rothschild.

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