Gif creator artist Nicolas Monterrat

« Reflection » animated gif, collage of a video of mine and a big tapestry.

My name is Nicolas Monterrat, I’am a Paris (France) based gif creator artist. I started to make gif 2010, and my first post was on Tumblr. After a while, I gained confidence and made my first gif : the "2011 Happy new year" one. Only with letters.  Very simple. Not very good or interesting.

« Under Pressure » animated gif, collage of video free footage and an old picture

I get my inspiration, not only, from old pictures, because of the way they look, formal, rigid, too much serious sometimes makes me want to shake, twist, twirl them and try to shift the whole thing, to bring some fantasy, humour or unreality. I just want to make fun, entertain, intrigue, stimulate the imagination, and mesmerize too.

« The Bird » animated gif, collage of a video of mine, a nice picture of Diana Ross and a nest.

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