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Final drawing for this one is about 8 ft wide. I started the initial sketch for it when I was stuck waiting for jury duty, so i had all day to do nothing but wait and sketch.

Byous. Artist currently living in California, U.S.A. Focuses on creating art that is completely detached from time, culture, genre or rationalization, in an effort to capture the raw and timeless simplicity of the experience of the human soul.

The original idea for this one was when i was going through a very stressful time and i was drawing to relax. So i drew a character with his hands over his eyes, but i didn't want it to be completely hopeless, or lost in despair, so I added a bunch of eyes on top of his hands. I see it as portraying that there are many more things in life than what can be seen with our human eyes. Such as ideas, spirits, morality, justice, God, heaven etc.

I get most of my inspiration from a complete lack of physical input, I want to keep it as mental and uncontrived as possible.  I need to keep my mind and heart as pure as I can.  I like the raw, honest, vulnerability and energy of it. I currently sell limited edition prints, and will soon have originals available, exclusively on the website.

I don't really have much of an explanation for any meaning to this one. But after a friend of mine saw it, he said it looked like someone who is stating an obvious fact that everyone else is just too afraid to say. And I thought that was very fitting.

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