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Graphic artist Jolanta Johnsson

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where I specialized in graphics. I have since then worked as a freelancing artist, and painting and drawing are the techniques that dominate in my work. I create figurative compositions and landscapes.

I interpret the strong emotions that my surroundings, and especially nature, evoke. My compositions sometimes preserve observed orders and divisions, often, however, the painting leads me into more abstract grounds. In my work on landscapes the need to simplify and summarize dominates, but at the same time I work with different textures to create a living image.

Painting occupies the most place in my work. However, the graphics remind you of yourself. I put away the brushes and go to the graphic studio. I have my own graphic studio since 2018. This will cause my graphic work grow. In graphics, just like in painting - I am looking for the right form. Everything is clearer in black and white graphics. The technique forces strong decisions. I like working in traditional techniques, especially in linocut technique. But I am also looking for unusual traces, I create matrices from various materials. Graphics is searching. Although the graphics allow reproduction, it is not the most important for me. I print small editions. Graphic print on good paper has an element of nobility, unique beauty.

Serie Structures from Nature - graphics made in the linocut technique. This technique requires time and patience. I like to cut linoleum and see how my motif gradually develops. Hours spent on the matrix are a kind of meditation. The motives of my graphics arose from fascination with structures that occur in nature. They are regular, belonging to a particular species, or they run their own independent course. They organize matter using the law of symmetry, or asymmetrically, smoothly, or meanders, in larger or smaller crumbs. In each of the graphics I try to capture the shimmer of its beauty.

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