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Graphic designer Derek Friday

I am an Environmental Graphic Designer, based in Boulder where my practice includes identity development, immersive branding, large format patterning, signage and way-finding systems and original art. I have worked with a number of major architectural and development firms on large retail and mixed-use projects across Europe and the U.S. for the past 15 years, ten of those as lead creative for my own small agency, Finndustry.  The applications of my work can be varied depending on the specific need for creating brand continuity across an environment. I have entered at the visioning and concept phase as a consultant for bigger picture discussions, collaborated with design teams on an ongoing basis as a multidisciplinary designer throughout a project, and created comprehensive concept packages and monitored each component through fabrication. On occasion, I have jumped in towards the end of a project when the need for way-finding and other brand integration has arisen unexpectedly. I was recently awarded the 2018 SEGD Global Design Award in the category of Identity and Placemaking for the Sagamore Pendry Hotel in Baltimore Maryland.  Other projects of note include Sagamore Spirts, Baltimore, Pearl West, Boulder, 360 Mall, Kuwait, The Boulevard at Downtown Dubai, The Roosevelt Collection, Chicago, Alexa, Berlin, Designopolis in Cairo among many others. My nontraditional path from architecture training to Environmental Graphic Design is one that has allowed me to amass a multidisciplinary body of work on three continents in a variety of settings. 

All the pieces I’ve created and included  fall into a category of "creative distractions.”  Typically while working on a client project  I’m developing graphics, assets, patterns and things that may or may not actually be used for the client work.  At this time, while I should actually be making money, I’ll segway and start creating works, content, etc because I finding myself in a creative mode that I don’t want to disrupt. Oftentimes it yields some pretty cool things so I just let it happen.  Sometimes it leads to disaster.

Two of the pieces are compositions created with glyphs and shapes I had created for a client project and the graphic photo overlay is a composition created with the 3rd Flatrion in Boulder and the gesture that my gloves had floated off the mountain in the wind.

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