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Graphic designer Ernesto Salazar Rodríguez

My name is Ernesto, I'm from Quito - Ecuador. I'm a new media artist and graphic designer, I constantly explore our relationship with digital media and technology, my work oftenly explores possible metaphors between body, mind, software and hardware.

I began with graphic works as my FOB!A series, where I wanted to manifest fears as inmaterial but very strong forces.

VERSIÓN PLAUSIBLE series as symmetrically perfect portraits of close friends of mine, based on their own selection of facebook profile pictures, depicting their choices of how they want to be shown in the digital world.

FAUNA instead, is a small series where I wanted to create several beings that I imagined from denial: When you close your eyes, you can see your eyelids as a fleshy pink screen, where some weird moving shadows or small objects begin to move and feel quite alive.

Right now I'm working with new resources as 3d modelling, 3d printing and AR. This project will depict the actual relationship between concepts as presence, body, spaces and times, all of them distorted or improved thanks to internet and it's constant intervention with reality.

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