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Graphic designer Imanol Buisan

I am a handmade collage artist and graphic designer based in Terrassa, Barcelona. I work with the collage technique trying to explore all the ways and dialects that I can find. For me collage is not a paint resource, it is an art in itself.

I understand culture as something in its own, so the collage offers me the no need to create with blank. In this way I can re-apropriate all the visual culture for mix it and create a new one, without understanding a mystical art figure. Also the immediacy of the language let me to do my daily project since 2014.

The other important element in my work is the time. In the daily project I define some elements for creating the year-long daily project. So each year I investigate some kind of topics or elements. All the projects feed itself, actually I work in the abstract collage language working in some “periods” this periods of time were defined in 2017, because the 2017 project needed to redefine the concept of time and destroy the “month” for a more personal period.

All the pieces selected are part of (..), the daily project from 2018. The project is called “(..)” because is a project that try to investigate the abstract language of collage. But not in a way with some topics perfectly defined as: shape, colour, composition, narrative... it is a way to investigate in two directions, so if in the process I find something interesting more figurative I will investigate it. For this reason is called in parentheses. Also it is not called three points, it is just two, because the year is a period defined, in 2019 I will investigate others pics, with not just abstract purposes.

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