Graphic designer June Mineyama-Smithson

Inspired by the philosophy of old Japanese Kimono artisans, MAMIMU creates joyful contemporary design.

June Mineyama-Smithson is a Japanese creative entrepreneur and graphic designer based in London. 

The bold screen-print details are inspired by urban street furniture in London, Tokyo and New York.

Her work has been featured internationally in YCN (UK), Cow Parade Niseko (Japan), Pattern Observer (USA) and SCMP (Hong Kong). 

MAMIMU City Tote is perfect laptop bag for someone who doesn’t want to compromise style nor function.

MAMIMU is June’s lifestyle brand. Inspired by the Edo-era Japanese Kimono artisans who found beauty in everyday life, MAMIMU creates joyful contemporary patterns based on urban mundane scenery in London, Tokyo and New York.

June has been collecting visual inspiration from the streets of London, Tokyo and New York.

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