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Graphic designer Viktoria Kovats

I live and work in Hungary, in Budapest.  I successfully completed a graphic designer exam and got the qualification this year, though I still work as a kind of business analyst. Art is my passion, and I’m looking for the opportunity to work on this area to use my knowledge. My portfolio includes a lot of different styles, a wide range palette. I love drawing but nowadays I prefer working with photos. I like to discover new techniques, tools and use different styles during the creation process.

I travel a lot and I take a lot of photos during my trips, which become the basis of my artworks.  I believe that everything can tell a story, every building, sculpture, even a simple object has a tale for us, and I have to tell these tales.  When I take a photo I see the story behind the object, and during the creation process I often use different image editor programs that I feel fit the best to the picture taken to help me in telling that story.

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