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Illustrator Aaron Wolf

After over 4 years living in Australia (3 years in Sydney and 1 in Melbourne) I have relocated to Berlin, Germany to continue to work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. During my time in Australia I worked in advertising, illustrating children’s books, as the designer on an NFT project, and various other freelance projects.

Over the last decade, in my spare time I have been working on a series titled ‘A Delicate Balance.’ This series explores the relationship between architecture and the natural world. Surreal castles and fortified communities show both the beauty of ornate ancient building techniques as well as the beauty of nature and geographic features. These hand drawn ink illustrations are inspired by locations and cultures around the globe, and throughout the era of human cooperation. These castles show both the beauty of a bygone time and the necessity of a coexistence with and in nature. By incorporating flora and fauna throughout the architecture of the structures these illustrations highlight the importance of the need and dependence on nature and hearken back to a time when we, as a species were not terraforming and poisoning the planet for greedy ends.

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