Illustrator Aliki Buendia

Scribbling makes me feel free; therefore I love it! 3 sketches about uncertainty and courage from an old sketchbook.

Aliki is an independent illustrator based in Athens, Greece. As a kid, she was spending her time doodling on the walls in her room and scribbling during classes. Her mind couldn't help creating stories, so growing older she became a regular in art schools, libraries and film clubs, searching for ways to express herself. She dabbled in different artforms, which gradually led her to the world of illustration, which she stuck with.

She draws inspiration mostly from the vulnerable complexity of human emotions and thoughts, imbuing her artwork with quirky, surrealistic elements. Through art she intends to approach, comprehend and explore topics like mental health, phobias, traumas, substance abuse and the subconscious. The beauty in individuality fascinates her; solidarity touches her; the right of freedom motivates her to keep on creating.

handmaiden As an incurable movie buff, making fan art inspired by beloved films is sometimes inevitable. I did this one, a couple (or maybe three) years ago, right after I watched Park Chan-wook's "Ah-ga-ssi", aka "The Handmaiden" (2016).

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