Illustrator and designer Erin Davis

Unruly by Design the artistic home of illustrator and designer, Erin Davis. It is an arena for your wild ideas and hobbies to come alive. This studio creates fun and surreal work that reminds audiences to walk your own way. Erin always says that if you’re not being yourself, you’re not doing it right.

“Fall Crow Mishap” is a digital illustration of a surreal moment lost in time that takes place on a country farm. Confusion and curiousity arise with a textured scene of a monstrous crow invading a farmer’s plantation.

In terms of process, Erin works both traditionally and digitally. She begins by hand drawing all of her illustrations, and works her magic and finishes it digitally once it is carefully laid out on paper. Her stories and concepts in her work usually derive from dreams or humorous scenarios that she imagines in her head.

“Another Reason to Smile” is a joyful, illustrative advertisement. It is a digital mock ad for Edy’s ice cream, their slogan being “another reason to smile”. This composition references to spending late nights with sisters and friends, and creates an intimate experience to viewers that we are all familiar with in an amusing way.

Erin Davis is a Grand Rapids based illustrator that is constantly meeting kind people, taking risks, and seeking fun. Erin is a digital illustrator located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She dreams of beautiful coasts, warm weather, and enjoys all activities that allow her to be by the water. Erin also loves to tell stories, including the tale of how her dream job when she was little was to be a mermaid.

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