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Illustrator Artztur

Artztur is quite the character. He has spent over 10 years traveling around the world, selling his paintings and making a living making sure he's not missing out on freedom! He is originally from Barcelona, where he grew up skateboarding the narrow streets of the old city. He was even sponsored by a few brands at the age of 15 but he soon got overwhelmed by the Skate-scene, so at the age of 22 he decided to travel the world, with barely any money and not too many plans.

He began his journey in the Americas, where he was selling little hand-painted postcards and bigger paintings on wood using recycled paints, to be able to sustain his travels. Always inspired by the social aspects of the environment around him, he brings his own dose of cartoony street-art style pieces, influenced by the madness of cities and the surrealistic side in nature and humanity.

After all this traveling around he ended up choosing to settle in Tropical Australia. Well let's be real, Covid-19 probably forced him, for now!

You can have a look at his artwork on his website, where, if you feel like it, you can have a read at the posts he writes on his own blog. He tells real stories or talks about random interesting stuff, mostly traveling and hustling art ideas and thoughts. Keep posted because it's just getting bigger!

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