Illustrator Charlie Padgett

Charlie Padgett is an American illustrator based in France.  Charlie creates multi-layered, conceptual work that tells a story and seeks to resonate with the audience long after they have turned the page, left the building and got on with the business of living.  

LE POINT DE DÉPART For an artist group show where each artist created work based on a word pulled from a hat.

His illustrations have appeared in Scientific American, Chunklet Magazine, Neuron, Molecular Metabolism, Cell, Huffington Post, La Vie and he has illustrated 3 children’s books.  

ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE Visual memory is obscured for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

His work has been recognized by The AOI World Illustration Awards, the American Advertising Federation, Hiii Illustration awards, the Independent Publisher Awards, Illustrati magazine, Pantone Gallery,  CNBC's top beer labels and his Mom says he’s pretty good.

MY INSOMNIA I suffer from insomnia quite regularly, this is what I imagine my insomnia looks like, a wolf that fills my head with constant howling.

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