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Illustrator Falco Verholen


this is a tribute painting I created, inspired by the opening sequence of the scifi series Westworld

I'm an illustrator, comic artist and graphic designer based near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I specialize in book cover design, editorial illustration and fantasy art. Recurring themes in my work are transformations, fierce instincts and protection. I enjoy creating art that is contradictory, intense and otherworldly, making you feel like witnessing part of a story. In my spare time I enjoy writing and visualizing stories through combining sequential art, college, photography and other mediums. - Falco Verholen


this is an editorial illustration for an article about a Dutch immigrant who fondly remembered his ancestral home and its gorgeous orange orchard.

'The File'

this is a page from a five page comic from several years ago, introducing characters that would later (in a different form) reappear in my webcomic Weaker Sides.

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