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Illustrator Felix Roca Ganges

In these works there are four concepts that dialogue between each other:

- Faith

- Fear of Death

- Childhood

- Game

Faith and Fear of Death, an action reaction to each other, come together to be opposed, for the same duality, by Childhood and Game. The Summing of the four concepts can be understood as the day to day struggle of the adult life. Not as a pessimist view, neither as a chant of innocence, but a consecutive presentation of individual postcards as allegories in which one of those four concepts is more imperant than the others.

I am aware that I have do not discovered fire, but a way to create originality and more important identity.

So long, that has been around theme, referring to technique, I have to say the years of advertisement illustration are there not to be hide off, but to be used to put quickly the concept on the frontline and allowing me to hide the others behind. And to do so I mix pencil, something that I can mannerism around as much as I want, and oil painting, the colour and respect for this ancient method but new for me that I use more as to create ambient the to round figures.

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