Illustrator & Graphic Designer Nandita Sharma

Fire: fire is pure result of outrage I was feeling towards something deeply sexist I had had to face over the course of a few months. While I set out with an angry and in-your-face approach the artwork took itself towards a calming (for the lack of a better word) territory. I feel that’s how a lot of us are, even in anger we maintain our equilibrium because we have to. It’s one of the few pieces that I judge not for my skill but like for its presence in my life.

Hey there! I am an Illustrator & Graphic Designer who sometimes nerds out on Comics and Cinema. I am a product of art and philosophical literature.

Sad Birds Sing Still: this was one of the first pieces I did on procreate. I was still testing the waters and navigating the software. I was originally going to incorporate a Nissim Ezekiel poem on refugees and immigrants but decided against it. I felt the artwork had to be powerful enough for that, this one just felt softer (in a good way) or as a musician friend of mine would say - there’s an innocence to it.

Huxley asks us to 'feel lightly' and so I try to comply and channel it into my art. Self-taught, art has always been and continues to be my cardinal (and a few tell me, my only) form of expression. I intend to keep it like that in all of time that's to come still! 

Sad boi Hours: like a good internet Samaritan, I was surfing aesthetic monochrom images of cigarette bois and movie quotes on ocean gifs. As a result, I drew this character with the intention of doing more of his profile.

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