Illustrator Hashmukh Kerai

01_2020_TYPE_STING_v1_STILL: Every year I aim to create a new typography sting for my showreel. This year I went for this fun and toy-like look which allowed me to really place with colour and shapes. I love playing with type and figuring out interesting ways of modelling the different characters.

Hash originally started up his creative career in Film and Production, but then followed up his love for VFX mainly in Motion Graphics and 3D Illustration. He has always had a real passion for imagery splattered with bright colours, and loved creating art that can’t always be made in the physical world.

03_Cloth_Hair_01: After spending some time using 3D software to create my art, I have always been trying to recreate real-world materials within my work. I managed to make my own hair/fur textures with this piece. The idea was to show the balance between real-life materials alongside my toy-like world.

The notion of creating something that is impossible in reality is at the forefront of his work. He is constantly working on self-initiated projects to keep his mind and skills fresh, and to gain a better interpretation of art and play, day by day.

HP_Still: I collaborated with HP computers to see how I could use their hardware in boosting my output as a designer. I made a bunch of videos and gifs using my fun playful style. The objects are all very abstract and I really wanted to play with multiple textures in these scenes. Glass and reflective materials really helped bring some realism into the scenes.

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