Illustrator Hiroyuki Izutsu

Illustration drawn on essay of travel. The sightseeing boat is going through the ice floe. It seems like this sight can be seen when going to the northernmost of Japan. While watching various pictures, I drew while thinking "This is it?

I am an illustrator in Japan and I am based in Tokyo. . My motif is a landscape and a human being. I mainly do advertising and publishing work.

This may seem like a picture painted with paint, but I draw it in Photoshop. Of course the original picture is paint on paper. I will scan it. Then I will paint it in Photoshop based on it. Carefully finish so as not to erase the touch of the paint. It is like a digital remaster of movies and music.

Illustration for a magazine essay. It is an essay about Natsu Miyashita's daily life. So I draw the landscape, nature, and the keeping dog around her where she lives.

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