Illustrator Julien Martinez

"Omarker x Humanoïd Wakeboard" is a graphic design proposal inspired by retro gaming and pop culture for the brand's IO series. It was about playing with the key codes and images of "pop and retro" culture by proposing an abstract composition and a more contemporary black and white vision.

Julien Martinez a.k.a OMARKER, graphic designer, typographic illustrator, visual artist and co-founder of Studio Voart, graphic design and product design studio in Lyon, France.

"Allcaps1" is a 50x50cm canvas. It's the debut of a new process which brings together the different styles and techniques that I love oscillating between typography, handstyle and urban art. It's a meeting between the strict and regular aspects of the street architecture opposed to the movements and cultures that emerge there.

This is the practice of graffiti, the work of letters that allowed me to be interested in graphic design with a particular interest for typography. My style is inspired by the street and hiphop cultures, mostly in black and white with a raw aspect.

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