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Illustrator Kejun Zhao

From the time she was just a child growing up in Shanghai, China, painting and drawing have been Kejun Zhao’s greatest passions. She was a born artist, and the moment she puts a pen to a piece of paper, it feels natural. As she grew, this love for the arts only intensified, and she knew that it was not a hobby, but a career.

Now, Zhao is an in-demand illustrator in her home country and abroad, showcasing her vast talent and versatility with every project she takes on. Whether storyboarding for popular television shows like Netflix’s award-winning hits Orange is the New Black and Dead to Me, promotional material for major brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, or concept art for blockbuster films including Hotel Transylvania and Bad Moms, Zhao knows how to capture the essence of the story through her work.

Read our full article about Zhao in The Crazy Mind magazine:

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10 août 2019

Splendid work!!!

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