Illustrator Luke Vesly


I have been fascinated by illustration and design since I can remember.

Horror movies and their gorgeously, detailed poster art like the old Universal Monsters, Hammer Horror, the beautiful illustrations for Italian horror and it's Giallo murder mystery genre, are to name but a few which I draw immense inspiration from, their influence very much visible within my own work.

The Bite

Helping lead me down the path of becoming a Graphic Designer and 2D Animator, horror is of course not always the most commercially accessible, thus I have also taken on a more streamlined style when it comes to things such as collateral design work for businesses, which has been instrumental in expanding my designing capabilities.


Undoubtedly, my true passion most certainly rests within the realms of the spooky, which also conjures the fantastical and is to me such an amazingly, expressive form of art, no matter what shape it takes. So it should come as no surprise that I am always thoroughly pleased to take on projects ranging from album covers and comic strips to art prints for clothing and animation, allowing me to showcase a more detailed proficiency.

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