Illustrator Maya Brasnovic

I’m an Australian based Illustrator and Graphic Designer. My day job sees me working as a creative in the advertising world, but when I’m not at work I’m most happiest creating art and experimenting with different media from crafty paper and inks to digital illustrations on an iPad.

Water Series: This work is inspired by liquid and it's layers.Liquid doesn't really have a distinct form. I wanted to break down the different elements such as a light and shadow that are reflected off water to give it a graphic form. I decided to use a digital medium to create various layers for each set of colours and build them to create the final piece. Digital print: 16.5354x11.6929

I’m inspired by non-fiction science books, space, neon lights and tigers. 

Space Tiger: This work is inspired by my love of tigers and space. I wanted to bring them together to make something cosmic but fun.

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