Illustrator Miq Hansen

("glass") -A lot of what we look at and experience now is on glass screens. I don't think it's a natural way for most things to be experienced, as a reflection or even more likely a reflection of a reflection. So I wanted to make something that could be more natural and intentional on a glass surface. I show you that the portrait is a fragment, a part of a person, being cropped not by the frame but within it, while the objects which are complete lack real physical meaning, but create some amount of abstract context. I think it's always like that when you experience things on glass. It is not a reflection of a reality, but something new altogether.

I am an illustrator and designer living in Tokyo, Japan. I immigrated to Japan in 2016, in hopes of becoming closer to the source of inspiration for both illustration and fashion that the country is for me.

("air") -"I feel like air" It is a special feeling when you can feel weightless, untied from reality and floating in your own thoughts in your own place.

I am currently working together with Junya Suzuki and his clothing brand Chloma, while continuing to develop my own body of work.

("blue") -Sketch on blue.

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