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Illustrator Nadine Wiese

Nadine Wiese is a freelance illustrator based in South Africa, where she graduated with her Honours degree at Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography in 2020. She is currently also working part-time as an illustrator for The Patient School, where she is responsible for designing characters and environments used in the organization’s efforts to help guide and empower individuals with chronic illnesses through their health journey.

To her, illustration is not just something pretty used to adorn a page or to decorate a wall in someone’s home. Illustration can rather be used to reflect on people’s experiences in the world and suggest new, hopeful possibilities. Nadine strongly believes in the power of visual storytelling as a medium to help people feel recognized and understood in the world, to encourage people to ask questions and to learn more about the world around them. Illustration educates and connects.

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