Illustrator Rutger Paulusse

Skateboarding > This series is inspired by the shapes, movement and textures in skateboarding. I always loved the shapes of the obstacles in skateparks and of the skateboards itself. That, combined with the interesting textures of wood and metal, formed the inspiration for this series. Some illustrations are based on a specific trick, others are focussed on the shape of an obstacle. But in all of them I played with the dynamics and movement of the skateboard. The use of 3d software gives me endless possibilities and the ability to create a surreal setting. Although I don’t really skateboard anymore, working on this project was really fun and brought back good memories and it was really cool to be able to combine this old passion for skateboarding with my current passion for illustration

I’m an illustrator playing around with graphic shapes, bold colour schemes, dimensions and space. Sometimes I make my illustrations move, occasionally I design a lamp, or I get paper crafty, but I always aim to find the fun in projects by exploring the relationship between realism and abstractionism and my ongoing investigation in shapes that make me wanna dance.

Type Exploration-A > This is a typographic exploration of the letter A. I made it for my lovely girlfriend and talented paper craft artist Anna Bay. I do these quick explorations in between commissioned jobs to keep the energy flowing and also to keep evolving my craft.

My love for design and illustration is ignited by graffiti and further fed at art school. I was really scared of computers when I started designing stuff - but found out that the digital world and tools were perfect for me to explore my own universe of shapes, colours and stories.

Illuminating Illustration > I made this visual as part of an identity for a series of events with lectures and drinks, a great combination. This specific edition of the event was about illustration and the power of imagery.

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