Illustrator Stefano Borella

"Refuse The Flo of Of Time" "How can you don't think about the flow of time? At a glance it appear confused but also well-defined. Everything move in a direction, Bad and good things brought by the eternal waves which will make their own pounding sound in the universe for a long time yet."

Stefano Borella (b. 1991) is an Italian artist and Illustrator known for his Black & White works made especially on paper and canvases. His artworks are inspired from the complex world of emotions and from their links with human identity.

He love to draw human shapes, especially faces, open books over the intimate world of persons; faces which tells stories of joy, sorrows of the daily life which melt themselves into the other people’s experiences building the silent connection between creatures.

For this reason his creations are usually made by flows of lines which connect all the elements of the composition, underlining this mystic union of everything.

"The Illusion" Evanescent is the appearance, fragile the hope. When the pretense of the appearance will go away, the "being" will be shown in its own essence.

During the years his artistic development evolved, when needed, trough the use of a flat color (over the B&W) which need to highlight the key for a better comprehension of the composition.

Loving the contrast between elements: black and white, present and future, youth and old age, etc. Stefano make a huge use of that, considering this the best way for highlighting a possible answers to the human’s existential questions.

"Goal Achived" Here is represented a moment without worries about career, which, trough the joy and numberless difficulties, hasn’t stop the flow of the time which, silent and unavoidable is came to relieve anxiety and stress which the work created.

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