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Illustrator Stefano Rosselli

Stefano Rosselli is a freelance self-taught illustrator and visual designer, based in Geneva (Switzerland), whose specialties are digital illustrations, user interface themes, icons and logo design.

During his early years, Stefano started to show a strong interest in drawing and also in creating paper crafts. He quickly realized how these simple, inexpensive and playful ways to create are powerful tools to materialize anything he has in mind, but also to communicate in an attractive and memorable way. As an adult, despite his love for illustration and visual design, he finally decided to study Educational Sciences at the University of Geneva. But, unexpectedly, after graduating he went back on the path he always dreamed to follow.

Overall, Stefano’s visual signature is characterized by clean designs and a colorful illustrative style based on the use of simple shapes similar to what we can often see in paper crafts. His style takes root in his love for simplicity, playfulness and is, in a way, a tribute to a material tightly bound to his first creations, i.e. the paper. Nature, characters, oniric scenes, sport, architectural constructions are some of his preferred aspects to feature in his works. And if an opportunity to use his illustrative and design skills for educational purpose comes his way, he is always more than happy to bring his contribution to this kind of blend.

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