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Illustrator Yubin Lee

'The Eye'

Yubin Lee, an illustrator based in New York, is known for her whimsical and detailed drawings infused with playful storytelling. Inspired by baroque and Gothic art, Yubin merges elegant and decorative elements into her artwork, creating captivating illustrations.

'The Eye'

"The intricate beauty I find in baroque and Gothic art is truly fascinating. The ornate details, beautiful contrast, and the theatrical drama—everything captures my imagination. I find the process of creating detailed drawings therapeutic and immersive, often making me lose track of time. Through my work, I explore narratives that transport viewers to fantastical worlds and evoke emotions. I want them to be drawn into the worlds I create and connect with the characters and stories I present."

'The Eye' is a year-long project that delves into the artist’s fascination with eyes and monsters. It is a series of book illustrations that follows the journey of a boy who escapes a castle inhabited by monsters attempting to steal his eyes. In this project, Yubin challenged herself to focus on character design, storytelling, and the use of textures and lines. The contrast between dark and colorful elements creates a moody atmosphere that adds tension and intrigue to the illustrations.

Yubin continues to create narratives and illustrations that evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in viewers. She remains committed to staying true to her style while also embracing the opportunity to explore different subjects and themes. As Yubin's career progresses, her artistic journey unfolds through a range of illustrations, each filled with wonder, curiosity, and a touch of her signature playful, whimsical style.

'The Eye'



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